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Many years ago in a house on top of Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu, my journey of discovery in a new Hawaiian art form began to take shape. Hawaii being the birthplace of Surfing and the North Shore being the center of the surfing world, I had all the material and inspiration I needed in order to bring my visions to life. With no teacher or examples to imitate, I slowly
developed the tools and techniques that helped me take a surfboard that had seen its glory days of riding waves, and transform it into a work of art that now hangs gracefully on high walls.

Today, I present the possibilities of what can be done within the fiberglass shell of a surfboard and the possibilities of creating art for the land from a product made for the ocean. The reincarnation of a surfboard gives it new life as a family heirloom of a beloved board from days past, or a reminder of Hawaii’s beauty and the birthplace of surfing. Aloha!

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