rise interior.jpg
Rise (2020)

Mixed media, wood, resin

41" x 30.5"​​



These paintings were inspired by the technique Ruben developed to paint his carvings.  "I start with a textured surface that I paint with oil paints, once the paint has dried I flood the surface with a layer of artist quality resin. After the resin cures, I sand the surface and add the next layer of paint and again flood the surface with resin. I repeat this process as many times as necessary adding layers of resin as needed. the final result gives the painting depth and a more dimensional feel and then a final layer of resin gives the artwork a glassy finish.  This process is something that I developed in my art studio and am planning on creating many new paintings exploring the possibilities of this new technique."

“Rise” was created during the stay home era of the pandemic. It was only when Ruben completed the painting that he realized it was a message of hope, of escape and of freedom.