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Raising awareness about the natural and cultural importance of our national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments and ways that we can protect these special places and our oceans.

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Get In Your Sanctuary Day

Last week, local artist Ruben Aira Jr. had an unforgettable experience at the "Get Into Your Sanctuary Day" celebration, courtesy of an invitation from Kahi. The event, which was featured by KITV, served as a heartfelt tribute to our ocean sanctuaries.

Amidst captivating art installations and engaging activities, Ruben immersed himself in a true celebration of marine beauty and conservation.

With a shared vision, Ruben urges everyone to join hands in protecting and preserving these precious ocean sanctuaries for the well-being of future generations. 

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During the challenging times of COVID, YWCA Oahu proved to be a lifeline for local artist Ruben Aira Jr., offering invaluable support and guidance. Recognizing the limitations of Ruben's traditional medium, the organization suggested a brilliant solution - creating mini limited edition prints of his surfboard art to enhance accessibility and generate supplementary income.

With the expertise and guidance from YWCA Oahu, Ruben successfully pivoted, expanding his reach to a wider audience and establishing a signature product that could be favorably mass-produced. This transformation not only impacted Ruben's career positively but also empowered him to make a significant contribution to the art community.

Ruben expresses immense gratitude for YWCA Oahu's unwavering belief in his talent and dedicated support, which has played a pivotal role in his success and growth as an artist.

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