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“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move.”

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- Ossie Davis

Since his start as an artist, Ruben began participating in art exhibitions and auctions to benefit local community causes and charities -- such as the Art Auction for Waialua Community Association, the "Silent Empowerment" Art Exhibit at SALT at Kaka'ako, and most recently, the Hawaii Stands with Ukraine Benefit Auction at Island Brew Coffeehouse -- making him a household name. 

Works for sale on this page include exclusive limited edition paintings, sculptures, and prints, which serve as a unique opportunity for collectors to own Ruben's work at a more affordable price, while also supporting causes that matter. Throughout the year, a generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of these works will be donated to various environmental and humanitarian nonprofits, such as Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and World Central Kitchen, among others.






Ruben's current endeavors are focused on supporting nonprofits dedicated to providing short-term critical care and long-term humanitarian aid to those, especially artists and creatives, displaced or affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. He has been collaborating with Hawaii Stands with Ukraine, a group a Hawaiian residents dedicated in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and has already helped to raise money for the following charitable organizations: Razom for Ukraine, Nova Ukraine, and World Central Kitchen. 

Also, in collaboration with HIonART, Ruben also published an educational video series called SURFBOARD: The Art of Ruben Aira. With the spirit of giving back to the community in mind, this masterclass, comprised of 25 instructional videos, shares the secrets of his life's work in hopes of spreading the knowledge he developed while mastering this unique art form. Visit the Masterclass page HERE for more information.

Please refer to this page, a place where we can all come together to collaborate for meaningful causes, for the most updated news on future in-person fundraising opportunities. 

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